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I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a fantastic family who taught me that honesty, respect, friendship and dedication were indispensable values to the construction of a successful personal and professional life.


It is difficult to tell how and when I discovered sport.  I really don't know! I always remember being on the street or in the garden of my parent’s house playing ball games, ridding a bike or running. I remember that, when I was about six or seven, I was already a football fan, and SL Benfica was my team. Curiously in my family sports was not part of daily life.


The years passed and sport experiences continued to be part of my life. Acrobatic Gymnastics, Swimming and Karate were the sports that marked me the most. They helped me to more responsible, and taught me to manage schedules and comply with rules. So far the high point of my career as sports manager was in 2013, at the World Games in Cali, when I was Head of the Portuguese Mission.


After the World Games, I started to work at the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP). Currently I am the Research and Project Department Director and a Researcher at the Institute for Contemporary History​ (IHC) at NOVA University of Lisbon.



Much of my personality and way of life is the result of my sport experiences, and of the inspiring people with whom I have crossed paths with. I can't say exactly when my passion for sports started, I can only say  that it has been always present in my life.

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